Back At It - Roadtrip Edition

Y'all might remember when I wrote this blog before - once in Florence, Italy, where I took pictures of my pasta and was sometimes afraid to go outside, and once more in Cambridge, England where I discovered the glories of mushy peas and participated in some very calming albeit cult-like meditation. 

The Mary Traveler also experienced a little sputtering start and stop the second semester of my Junior year, when I worried about graduate school and tried to put together Ikea furniture. 

I didn't blog these past few months when my boyfriend Will and I were in Uvita, Costa Rica working in a hostel. I can catch you up on that pretty fast:

I loved the chickens. 

I loved the ocean. 

Will learned to surf, I laid on the beach, and we both did a lot of thinking about the future. 

Now it's on to another adventure for Will and me. We are driving cross country from Charlotte to California over the next month and a half before moving to St. Louis, where Will is planning to go to medical school and I am planning to make a plan. 

Will and I will meet in North Carolina on April 27th to start the drive. I'll be glad to see him again in real life, where if he's upside down he knows he's upside down.

I am excited to share the journey with you and thank you, as always, for following along. 


The Mary Traveler